Background Checks

Background checks take many forms and we handle them all.

Common family applications include:

  • Who is my daughter’s fiancé? – something doesn’t feel right and we’re worried he has a secret life or a dishonest history – I’m sure he’s hiding something from us.
  • Who is my husband’s new live-in girlfriend? – I’ve heard she has a history of drugs and alcohol and I’m concerned about her being around our kids.
  • Who is my ex-wife’s new boyfriend? – A friend told me he is violent and I’m very worried about him being around my children.
  • Who is this man? – I met my fiancé in 2016 and he loves me but it all feels very rushed. I am a wealthy, divorced woman and I just want to make sure…
  • Who is my father’s new health care aide? – my father is extremely wealthy and I think the carer might be a con-man?
  • Who is suing me and what is his background?
  • What has my ex-son-in-law been doing since he divorced my daughter? – he has visitation rights to our grandchildren but he’s not paying support and I’ve heard he has a drug problem.

Other background checks include:

  • Investment related due diligence
  • Pre-employment background screening
  • Self-background checks (a more common request than you might think!)
  • Jury background checks
  • Tennant screening

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